Welcome to Road Safety Social Stories

Here are 7 stories. The first two stories are the main stories – and perhaps all that the child may need.

  • The story Vehicles on the Road discusses the term ‘vehicle.’ It also distinguishes ‘moving’ vehicles from ‘stopped’ or ‘parked’ vehicles.
  • The story Five Ways to Keep Safe When Walking Along the Road lists 5 key safety practices. The final page is a summary page, which acts as a one-page reminder of them all.

The remaining five stories address each of the 5 key safety practices specifically. You can introduce all of them or only some as needed.

About the 7 Road Safety Social Stories

  1. Vehicles on the Road by Gino

  2. Five Ways to Keep Safe when walking on the Road by Gino

  3. Stay on the Footpath by Gino

  4. Stop Look & Listen by Gino

  5. Cross at the Corner & Zebra Crossing by Gino

  6. Wait for the green man by Gino

  7. Walk. Don’t Run by Gino