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The following document contains a list of resources for you, parents and your children, sourced from a number of local, national and international sources to support you in these COVID-19 times.

Resources for Parents

ASD Ireland (Information on Permit) – click here

Parent Resource & Information Pack COVID19 – click here

Return to School Post Covid-19 Information:

Covid-19 and Back to School Social Stories (Gino Lerario):

COVID 1. My Body is Smart Read       COVID 2. Waiting for a Vaccine Read        COVID 3. Being Careful Read

COVID 4. Ten Precautions Read         COVID 5. Restrictions & Rules Read          COVID 6. School Changes Read

COVID 7. We Can Still Have Fun Read    COVID 8. School Days and Work Days (Separation from parents from school) Read

COVID 10. Changes Mean We’re Getting Bigger Read

Transition to School Presentation (West Limerick Children’s Services) Information

Parent Support for Children transitioning back to school (Enable Ireland) Information

Parent Support for Children transitioning back to school (Loveparenting.ie) Information

Preventing Anxiety-Based School Refusal – Information

Going to my new Secondary School in September – Information

Going back to Secondary School in September – Information

Going back to Primary School in September – Information

Information for Staff / Carers:

HSE COVID-19 guidance for Staff and Carers who provide services to people with disabilities