Middletown Centre Webinar Series March – April 2020

In order to provide support during the suspension of our face to face delivery Middletown is offering a series of twice weekly live webinars (with a week’s break for Easter). These sessions will feature members of our own multi-disciplinary team and international speakers on a series of themes.

Please click on the link beside each name to read more about the session and register to attend a live session. Please note the live sessions will hold a maximum of 100 attendees but they will be posted on social media and on the Centre’s website so no-one will miss out on these valuable learning opportunities .

Getting Settled:

Jill McCanney – Introduction to Sensory Processing Tuesday 31st March 2020 – 19:00 (Info)

Jed Baker – Handling the New Normal! Thursday 2nd April 2020 – 19:00 (Info)

Life Skills and Personal Care:

Brenda Myles – Wellbeing and Being Well Tuesday 7th April 2020 – 19:00 (Info)

Jill McCanney – Personal Care Thursday 9th April 2020 – 19:00 (Info)

Play and Leisure Skills:

Lorraine Scott – Play and Leisure Skills Tuesday 21st April 2020 – 19:00 (Info)

Peter Vermeulen – Promoting Leisure, Fun and Happiness Thursday 23rd April 2020 – 19:00 (Info)

The live sessions will host a maximum of 100 delegates live and the session will be posted on social media the following day. Please consider the maximum number of places available when booking your place.