Who’s who?

All teams are made up of the following professionals:

    • Clinical Psychologists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Speech and Language Therapists

Some of the teams also have the following professionals:

    • Social Workers
    • Educational Psychologists
    • Early Intervention Specialists
    • Community Nursing
    • Education Intervention Specialist
    • Paediatric Link Worker
    • Early Intervention Educators
    • Preschool/Montessori Teacher
    • Paediatric Nurse
    • Early Intervention Resource Person

All teams are supported by a Clinical Manager/Lead and administrative support.

A brief description of each of these roles is contained below:

Children’s Disability Network Manager / Lead Has responsibility for strategic and operational planning and identifying new initiatives; evaluation and review of the service with regard to effectiveness, efficiency and overall quality to maintain and promote current best practice; clinical and professional supervision and support, and staff development; management of the budget.
Clinical / Educational Psychologist Offers assessment, therapy and consultancy services for children with regard to cognitive abilities, learning potential, social interaction skills, and emotional and behavioural issues.
Occupational Therapist Helps to maximise the child’s independence/potential in everyday tasks including activities of daily living, leisure, and schooling issues. These may include: dressing and eating skills, posture and concentration, sensory processing, and how the child uses their hands to participate in activities of daily living. OTs are also involved in assessing for home and school modifications, specialised equipment and assistive technology.
Speech & Language Therapist Assesses, diagnoses and treats children with communication difficulties, including problems with speech, understanding, fluency, voice, social use of language as well as swallowing and feeding difficulties.
Physiotherapist Offers assessment and intervention with physical functioning including joint motion, muscle strength, endurance, mobility, gross motor skills, postural management, positioning, and moving and handling.  Advice re physical exercise, sport, recreation, groups, networks.  Hydrotherapy. Access to Orthotic clinics is also available.
Social Worker The social worker will help you to access family support and respite services; provide counselling and support; tell you about allowances, entitlements, housing options that you and your child may be legally entitled to and advise you and help you with your own parenting programme.
Early Intervention Specialist/Educator The Early Intervention Specialist/Educator focuses on play as the context for assessment and intervention.  The Early Intervention Specialist/Educator links with professionals in other disciplines and collaborates with parents to form developmental goals that fit their child’s play and everyday home routine.
Administrator The Administrator is responsible for the management of the day to day operations of the teams which include staff, budgetary matters, administration tasks and duties, policy implementation, planning delivery of services and working with families.
Clerical Officer The Clerical Officer is responsible for reception duties and providing administration support to the Early Intervention & School Age teams.
Paediatric Link Worker The Paediatric Link Worker (PLW) is the first point of contact for families of children 0-6 yrs, living in the Mid – West, with development delay, very low birth weight or at risk of development delay.The PLW offers support to families and will guide them through the maze of services they are likely to encounter. The level of PLW involvement is dictated by the family themselves. Initial contact is by phone. Ongoing support is offered via home visit and/or phone contact and continues until seen by the Early Intervention Team.
Preschool/Montessori Teacher They provide an educational and developmental programme to children between the ages of 3 and 6. The specific tasks fulfilled by pre-school teacher include providing support and advice regarding your child’s educational and developmental needs in the areas of:Early Communication, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Self Help Skills, Cognitive Skills, Socialisation Skills & Nursing Intervention
Early Intervention Resource Person The Early Intervention Resource Person will work with and support Families with sleep difficulties.  She will assist parents to source a suitable Preschool for their child.